End of Senior World Championships 2011 in Hungary – IOF-flag on its way to Germany

Posted by Eike Bruns on July 10, 2011

Last Friday this year’s Senior World Championships in orienteering in Pécs/Hungary ended. To mark the end of this successful event the flag of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) was handed over to next year’s organisers and is now on its way to Germany where the Senior World Championships will take place in the Harz Mountains around Bad Harzburg from July 1 – 8, 2012.


Now it is up to the organising committee to accomplish a similar event this successful in 2012. Enquiries in Hungary were numerous and many questions were asked and answered so the organisers are expecting a fairly high number of participants. At the venue in Pécs an on-site entry-service for participants from East-European Countries was set up for next year´s WMOC – the result being more than 70 entries before the official online entry system even started