Be up to date with the “Goslarsche Zeitung”

Posted by Eike Bruns on June 05, 2012

The regional newspaper “Goslarsche Zeitung” reports daily from the WMOC 2012. As the largest regional newspaper it offers a special service for all athletes visiting the Harz Mountains during the WMOC: each day several pages of the newspaper will be dedicated to the World Masters Orienteering Championships 2012, including several articles in English. If you want to benefit from this exclusive offer sign up for a short-term subscription here.

You can either order an E-paper which you can download or read anywhere and even use the photos published in each day’s edition, or you order the printed version which will be delivered directly to your hotel, apartment or guesthouse. You only need to indicate your name and the address of the place you are staying in (which must be in the distribution area of the “Goslarsche Zeitung”, please check your zip code) and you can read the latest news every morning during breakfast!

The special WMOC-edition from the “Goslarsche Zeitung” will be published from June 27 – July 10 and costs only 10,- EUR.

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