Around the WMOC

Posted by Presseteam on July 04, 2012

posauneThe World Masters Orienteering Championships are in full swing in and around Bad Harzburg. The winners of the sprint-distance have been honoured on Tuesday, now we look forward to the outcome of the long-distance competitions. But this week in the Harz Mountains is not only athletically attractive. An extensive programme provides relaxation between the competitions and many offers are apt to introduce the hosting region to our guests around the world.

The programme commenced on Sunday. At ten o’clock every athlete, guest and local was able to celebrate the Day of the Lord with an international service. Provost Meyer created a solemn prayer ceremony together with the trombone band of the Lutheran community Bad Harzburg. The sermon contained recent thoughts about orientation. Very impressive was the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer in four languages for the international believers.

On the same day the WMOC was opened officially. The youth choir of Bad Harzburg’s provostry earned much applause. The girls were led in song by Karsten Krüger who accompanied them on the piano at the same time. Later on the “Wolfshäger Hexenbrut” introduced their guests from around the world to their host, the Harz Mountains. With fog and fantastic costumes the witches mixed with their audience and created an incomparable atmosphere.

On Monday the World Championship’s first final took place. The new World Champions were honoured opposite from the impressive Kaiserpfalz in Goslar. Just like the qualification in Bad Harzburg the day before, the sprint competition in the streets of Goslar was interesting for athletes and spectators. Near the finish area several shops sold everything an orienteer’s heart could imagine. Besides, the campaign truck “Laufen bewegt” (running moves) offered a personal fitness-check. At 8 pm the guests at the Event Centre on the race course witnessed a traditional Harz evening under the sign of the region. A folk programme and culinary specialities from the vicinity were supposed to incite further visits to the Harz Mountains.
On the first rest day several adventure tours in German and English language took place including a church walk through Bad Harzburg’s places of worship. The organisers were pleased with great participation. The adventure tour “Water, Wood & Wilderness" will be offered again in the coming days. Each tour requires registration.

Thursday’s culinary climax will be the great participant’s banquet. For registered visitors there will be an extensive menu, table music provided by the Trio Rondo and afterwards the local band “Rockbusters” will generate the right atmosphere for a party.
Friday is the second rest day of the WMOC. Just like on Tuesday many tours with inviting names like „Wilder Mann und Lautenthals Glück“ or “Visiting dirty Caroline” will take place. But earlier that day registered participants can try another sport than orienteering: at the golf tournament at 9 o’clock.

On Saturday the orienteers will compete in the long-distance final. The World Masters will be awarded at 7 pm on the race course. Directly afterwards all athletes, guests and spectators will be bidden goodbye with the official closing ceremony. Besides musical performances of the “Blasorchester des Goslarer Ratsgymnasiums” and the „WMOC“-Band one can be excited at the fireworks. It remains to be hoped that good weather and a clear sky will support a colourful and literally glowing farewell from our participants.