Finns exploring Harz mountains

Posted by Tim Schröder on April 25, 2011

Tero Heikkilä and Janne Salmi, the two heads of Rastiretki (one of the biggest Finnish orienteering tour operators), recently visited Bad Harzburg in preparation for their tour to the 2012 WMOC. 41-year-old Salmi, world orienteering champion of 1997, is one of the best known and most successful Finnish orienteers. Hence the organising committee was very excited to hear about his first impressions.

lakanen “A beautiful forest” Salmi said very satisfied after exploring the terrain next to the area where the competitions will take place next year. The actual running grounds are naturally closed off as the participants are not allowed to see them before the competition.
Besides finding out competition-related information the two Fins were also interested in organizational details, such as the best time for arrival, the supporting programme, and the distances to the races. Another reason for their visit was finding accommodation for the 150 participants Rastiretki usually brings to each WMOC – after this short yet promising visit Heikkilä and Salmi are sure that they will bring even more participants to the WMOC 2012.