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The WMOC’s starting signal was given in good weather.

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sprint_vl5Nearly 4000 runners determined the finalists for the sprint distance in the area of Bad Harzburg’s Kurpark. They will compete on Monday in Goslar. “To have to run around all those people and houses was difficult but interesting at the same time” explained Kirsten Gransted from Sweden who started in the class W75. With obvious pride she tells how 1966 she won the third place at the World Masterships in Finland. Meanwhile Britain’s Nick Jones characterised the course differently: “The direction changes so often in the park and near the tennis courts”.

Moscompass with limited WMOC 2012-edition

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WMOC compassOn the occasion of the WMOC 2012 in Bad Harzburg and the Harz Mountains Moscompass issued a limited edition in their reliable quality in a special WMOC 2012-design. Date and place of this year’s WMOC are printed on the frame and the logo of the WMOC 2012 can be found on the needle.

Be up to date with the "Goslarsche Zeitung"

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gz_zeitung_scanThe regional newspaper “Goslarsche Zeitung” reports daily from the WMOC 2012. As the largest regional newspaper it offers a special service for all athletes visiting the Harz Mountains during the WMOC: each day several pages of the newspaper will be dedicated to the World Masters Orienteering Championships 2012, including several articles in English. If you want to benefit from this exclusive offer sign up for a short-term subscription here.