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Large number of participants expected

Posted by Eike Bruns on December 13, 2011|Read full article

staffelstart-dmThis fact surprised even the organizers: the World Masters Orienteering Championships (WMOC) in the Harz Mountains in summer 2012 is set to become a highly successful event with a large number of participants.

IOF-map commission carefully examines WMOC-maps

Posted by Eike Bruns on December 10, 2011|Read full article

hejna-schliebenerWith the Czech Ales Hejna a member of the map commission of the International Orienteering Federation IOF visited the Harz Mountains where next year’s WMOC will take place. Hejna particularly examined the interpretation of contours and rocks. The participants will come across many rock formations in the competition area, especially during the long-distance qualification (LQ1) and the long-distance final (LF).