Visit us at the WMOC 2011 in Hungary

Posted by Eike Bruns on July 04, 2011

The preparations for the Senior World Championships 2012 entered their critical stage as the organising committee is present during this year’s WMOC in Pécs/Hungary. At their custom-made stand the committee and the regional tourism organisations involved provide information on details regarding the WMOC 2012 in Germany.

Booth at WMOC 2011

When do the competitions take place in the Harz Mountains, how can I sign up, where do I find a place to stay? All questions are answered by the friendly team at the info booth – the enquiries are numerous and cover almost every topic. During the sprint competition the info stand with the current bulletin was well frequented. These positive reactions show that the Senior World Championships 2012 will have many participants – for sure it will be the largest orienteering event in Germany.
Not only at the info booth but also behind the competition scenes many questions are answered, especially from the large Scandinavian tour operators who need detailed information for their up to 600 participants they bring along to Germany next year.

Up until the finals of this year´s WMOC in Hungary on July 8 the organising committee of the WMOC 2012 will be present at the individual competitions with its info stand.