IOF-flag arrived in Germany

Posted by Eike Bruns on July 20, 2011

Less than a year until the largest orienteering event in Germany, the WMOC 2012, begins. The most visible sign being the flag of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) which was handed over from this year’s host in Hungary to the next and has reached its final destination: the Harz Mountains around Bad Harzburg, where the Senior World Championships 2012 will be held.

Goslarsche Zeitung

Bad Harzburg’s mayor Ralf Abrahms and Bernd Vollrodt, CEO of the city’s tourism and marketing office KTW presented the flag on the balcony of the city hall together with Eike Bruns, Vice President of the WMOC-organising committee. Both – the city on an administrative and political level and the KTW – supported the idea of hosting the WMOC in Bad Harzburg and the Harz Mountains from the very beginning. All the more it was a great pleasure for the city when Bad Harzburg’s bid was accepted in November 2009.
Abrahms and Vollrodt emphasized just that upon the flag’s arrival which symbolizes the start of the crucial phase. At the same time they thanked the organising committee for their efforts to attract the WMOC 2012 to Bad Harzburg and surroundings because the region will gain a large economic profit from the expected 3000 – 4000 participants from all over the world.