Senior Event Adviser David May visits the Harz Mountains once again

Posted by Eike Bruns on September 25, 2011

David May, Senior Event Adviser of the IOF for the WMOC 2012, visited the area of next year’s world championship yet another time. With not even a year to go until the WMOC 2012 starts he focused on the first draft of the maps of the competition areas and a representative choice of courses.

may-schliebenerHis overall-impression was positive. Now the details have to be worked out. Which objects should not be mapped on the sprint map for clarity reasons? Do more rocks have to be mapped in the challenging rock areas of the Harz Mountains or rather not? Are the test courses too short? Or maybe too long? All these questions have to be answered by the organizing committee until David May’s next visit in October when the Senior Event Adviser returns for the German Championships which are a final test or a kind of “dress rehearsal” for the WMOC 2012.