WMOC 2012 was “on air”

Posted by Eike Bruns on October 20, 2011

What really are Senior World Championships in orienteering? What is orienteering? What is happening in July 2012 in the Harz mountains? Questions that were answered for more than 100.000 listeners in Northern Germany.


During its live broadcast from Bad Harzburg the radio station NDR 2 interviewed the vice president of the WMOC-organising committee, Eike Bruns, who is also responsible for public relations. The station’s presenters Ilka Petersen, Holger Ponik and Jens Mahrhold had all sorts of questions: is orienteering like a scavenger hunt? Do all participants reach the finishing area? Are they running one after another? With his answers Eike Bruns tried to raise awareness for this not very common sport and at the same time promoted the WMOC as a highlight in 2012.