First entry deadline extended

Posted by Tim Schröder on October 31, 2011

In regard to the large number of entries for the WMOC 2012 the first entry deadline will be extended for 3 days to 3 November 2011. This way everyone still has the opportunity to sign up to the event for a reduced fee. Payments can even be received until the end of November.

With this extension the organizers react to the heavy traffic on the site due to the large number of people who signed up during the last days and weeks. More than 2000 participants already signed up for next year’s orienteering event. Because the payments have to be registered manually it takes some time to process them and make them visible in the online entry system. This way everone will be able to check his/her payment until November 30, 2011. All entries made until 3 November 2011 must therefore be paid before 30 November 2011, otherwise they are not valid.

Entries not done online but via other means will be transferred into the entry system by the end of this week.