The WMOC’s starting signal was given in good weather.

Posted by Presseteam on July 01, 2012

sprint_vl5Nearly 4000 runners determined the finalists for the sprint distance in the area of Bad Harzburg’s Kurpark. They will compete on Monday in Goslar. “To have to run around all those people and houses was difficult but interesting at the same time” explained Kirsten Gransted from Sweden who started in the class W75. With obvious pride she tells how 1966 she won the third place at the World Masterships in Finland. Meanwhile Britain’s Nick Jones characterised the course differently: “The direction changes so often in the park and near the tennis courts”.
German representatives ranged well in many categories: Ingo Horst was the third best runner in his qualification category M35. Monika Depta won her category W40 just like Sabine Richer won in W45. At the same time Michael Finkenstädt ran the best time in his category (M45) in front of Nils Schmideberg who was the third to enter the final. Veronika Lange (W50) reached the third place while Michael Thierolf was even the second best in his class M50. The first place in W55 was reached by Heidrun Finke. In the class M70 Helmut Conrad won by nearly 40 seconds.
sprint_vl3Because of the large number of participants the starters were divided into three groups. The last athletes started just before 4 p.m. About then the first raindrops began to fall. But luckily it was a characteristic sprint day – soon afterwards all runners had finished their race.